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Love of a Soldier:

I will find you again

Zack ♥ Aeris
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Dedicated to Zack and Aeris of Final Fantasy VII

w e l c o m e

This little community is dedicated to the couple of Zack and Aeris (Aerith) Gainsborough of the popular RPG Final Fantasy VII and it's various sequels.

Zack and Aeris are often an overlooked coupling. However the fact remains that these two were in love with one another. Zack suddenly disappeared during his time at Nibelheim and had been dating Aeris, however he never returned. It's truly a tragic story, and in this community we favor/support the ideas behind their relationship.

Feel free to post anything relating to the couple, which means fan art/fan fiction and just discussion of the couple in general. No bashing, no anonymous maiming will be tolerated, just post here for fun and everything should be alright. Everyone is welcome no matter what other couplings you like, just love Zack x Aeris.

tifaheart > founder
leaute > mod

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Zack & Aeris is tragic love

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Zack And Aeris Is Sacraficial Romance